29 November 2019

1 dec. Leiden: European cultural diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine

European cultural diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine. A connected history during the formative years of the Middle East

Rijksmuseum voor oudheden
Rapenburg 28, Leiden

This talk will revisit the relationship between European cultural agenda and the local identity formation process, social and religious transformations of Arab Christian communities in Palestine when the British ruled via the Mandate (1918-1948). What was the role of culture in European policies regarding the Arabs of Palestine? How did Arab Christians use culture to define their place in the proto-national and religious configuration between 1920 and 1950? The talk will focus on cultural institutions archives and historical photography as a source to write a connected and entangled history.

Karène Sanchez Summerer is Associate Professor at Leiden University. Her research considers the interactions between European linguistic and cultural policies and the Arab communities (1860-1948) in the Levant. She is the PI of the NWO project ‘CrossRoads, European Cultural Diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine (1918-1948)’. She is the co-editor of the series Languages and Culture in History with W. Frijhoff, Amsterdam University Press.

Sary Zananiri is a practice-based researcher. His interests sit at the intersection of religion, colonialism and visual culture with a focus on the ways in which social and cultural histories can explicate the political.  He is currently researching the Frank Scholten photographic collection, at NINO (The Netherlands Institute for the Near East) and researcher in the CrossRoads NWO project.

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