15 September 2019

19 september Amsterdam: presentatie van the Grassroots Guide to Jerusalem

Thursday September 19th, 20h00

Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam

Entrance free, reservations here.

Wujood: A Grassroots Guide to Jerusalem

The Fifth Friday Sisterhood is platforming the launch of their Guide Book to Jerusalem, an initiative by locals who live and work in and around this historical city.
Millions of tourists visit Jerusalem every year. Only a small percentage of them experience the Eastern part of occupied Jerusalem, due to the Israeli policies in tourism. Wujood reveals a part of Jerusalem that is usually hidden from the experience of tourists.

Firstly, Wujood informs visitors where they can go and what they can see in the Eastern part of Jerusalem, providing them with practical information about places to stay, eat, and shop in the city. Secondly, Wujood provides an insight into the political and historical context to Jerusalem from a Palestinian perspective.

Come and join and Amany Khalifa, in a conversation about the how’s and why’s and need for such a Guide!


Amany Khalifa
Local Mobilisation coordinator at Grassroots Al-Quds
Roberta Garziano
Marketing Planning and Analysis Manager, EMEA at Netflix

Grassroots Al–Quds

Grassroots Al–Quds is a platform for Palestinian community-based mobilisation and long-term strategising in Occupied Jerusalem. Grassroots Al–Quds map and network in order for the Palestinian communities in Jerusalem to sustainably resist the Israeli policies of dis-placement, dispossession and dis-empowerment, by creating Palestinian long term strategies, based on their defined priorities and needs.

Fifth Friday Sisterhood

The Fifth Friday Sisterhood is a Storytelling advocacy platform based in Amsterdam and committed to creating safe and inclusive intersectional places and spaces, we are a non profit making and unfunded collective, operating with volunteers and do-nations.

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