24 September 2013

Invitation: Meeting on the palestinian prisoners and the role of G4S (panel discussion)

The Netherlands Palestine Committee, docP and students of SCHOLAS have the pleasure to invite you to an event on Palestinian prisoners and the role of G4S in securing the prisons.

Guest speakers: mr. Gavan Kelly (Addameer), mr Shawan Jabarin (Al Haq) and mr Harry van Bommel, Lower House Representative

Gavan Kelly is advocacy coordinator for Addameer Prisoner Support & Human Rights Assocation, Jerusalem.
Shawan Jabarin  is the director of Al Haq, a Human Rights Organization in Ramallah.
Harry van Bommel, Lower House Representative (Tweede Kamerlid)

Nearly 5,000 Palestinians are currently being held captive by Israel, among them women and children as well as members of the Palestinian parliament. Many prisoners are being detained indefinitely and in appalling conditions on the grounds of secret information under a system of renewable periods of administrative detention without any form of trial. Gavan Kelly will address the various aspects of this highly unjust system. Shawan Jabarin will speak about the question of corporate complicity, i.e. companies cooperating with Israel and profiting from this injustice.

The security group G4S secures prisons where Palestinian political prisoners and children are being held. In doing so, G4S has become complicit in the system of illegal detention and torture. It has therefore become the target of an international boycott campaign.  We will discuss options for individual action in support of the Palestininian prisoners.

Despite the abysmal Human Rights record of G4S the company is being hired by many institutions in the Netherlands, among them the Delft Technical University, the Haagse Hoge School (HHS) and detention centers with asylum seekers.

Join us for an informative event about the situation of Palestinian prisoners, the role of G4S and what we can do!

Date: 3rd of Oktober
Location: ISS, Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague
Time: 19.00 – 21.30 (The meeting will start at 19.30)

www.palestina-komitee.nl, www.docp.nl, www.addameer.org, www.alhaq.org, SCHOLAS

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